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so much ink!

Today was busybusybusy.

We woke up, prettied up, and off to pomona for the tattoo expo. On the way, we stopped at a motorcycle shop and I got the battery and carb stick that I needed. Left the battery there to be filled and charged, and risked death on the wet, slippery freeway to continue on to the convention.

The tattoo convention was interesting - lots of people in various levels of decoration. Me, being shy, put on a sweater and black tights so as to hide all of mine. Why get tattooed if I'm not going to let anyone see them, you ask? Because they're mine, and nobody else's. Anyway, Charles bought lots and lots of tattoo equipment (how many different types of needles and tubes do you need, anyway?) I resisted the urge to buy all sorts of shiny things, but i did get a couple new shirts including this one.

Once my purse was stuffed, we left and headed back to the cycle shop to pick up my battery. While I was there, I was looking at the gloves and accessories, and saddened to see that there isn't a whole lot out there that isn't leather. :(

To the movies after that. How do I know Charles likes me? He took me to Sweeney Todd, and sat through the whole thing without complaining or even rolling his eyes at me. I liked the movie ...

We had this gem of a conversation on the way in:

"Yeah, I always wanted to be a stripper, but I never really had the body for it, and by the time I got some boobs it was way too late."

"Aw, sweetie, you could go be a stripper right now! I mean, there are some seriously fucked up looking strippers out there!" {pause} "Oh ... that sounded really bad, didn't it?"

That's my baby ...

After a couple more stops, we finally got to come home. It's pouring outside, and I'm warm and snuggly in here. The house is really coming around, and I've got the Flea snuggled up next to me. I'm happy.
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