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must clean more!

I don't know where this obsession with cleaning started, but it's taking over my life, especially now that i've not got much else to do. I just finished cleaning the kitchen - scrubbing the stove, moving the fridge to dust, sweeping, and for the finale, getting on my hands and knees with a wet rag and scrubbing the floor. (enjoy that mental image for a while.) I've been like this for a few weeks, and i'm still catching up with years of house-neglect.

Today, especially, i'm just trying to focus on something that is not Massive Worrying.

I think the bathroom floor is next on my agenda for today.

Charles and I are both stressed - he makes decent money tattooing, but it's still the slow season, and the income isn't dependable. I hate having to depend on another person for money.

The last week, i just feel like it's one thing after another. I've never been this broke and in debt, and i'm not where i wanted to be by now. I haven't felt stable since I left ACCIM a year ago.

But i'll get there, somehow.

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