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Still unemployed, bored, and frustrated.

I just vacuumed the ceilings. Anyone want to come hang out? the place looks halfway decent. Bring beer. or cat food.

Faxed my resume off to another hospital, but i don't really want to work there. They probably won't call anyway.

Put a lot of work into the motorcycle yesterday, but not sure that I really got anywhere. The manual has been ordered, that should help. I did get to ride it again, that was nice. Between me riding the motorcycle and the kid in the house behind mine who is apparently learning to play drums, the neighbors just have to be in heaven.

Garage is almost how we want it. I'm about to throw Michael's boxes of shit out, if he doesn't come and get it. If I'm going to let people store stuff, I ought to charge for it.

I should go pretend to be productive for a while ... maybe I'll go visit charles at work or something.

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