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buy my bass amp!

So I have a "working interview" scheduled for tomorrow, a four-hour shift to see if i can do all the things I said I could do in my regular interview. I'm amazed that my nervous self ever makes it beyond a verbal interview at all. I had to remind myself every few seconds "stop twitching!" "stop fidgeting!"

This place is out in Upland - a bit of a drive, but manageable.

I really want that Animal Control job, though!

Doctor's appointment today, so hooray for hassle-free refills for six months or so. On the diabeetus meds, anyway. I need to make an appointment with my other doctor for all my other pills. i hate being a medical disaster.

I'm going a little stir-crazy here. Since I'm not working, I've assumed responsibility for all the household chores ... not a big deal, and not really a lot of work, but stuff like dishes and laundry just gets so boring. Of course, cleaning out that closet made me a little money yesterday. and having some time to knit means i can give things to people.

I think Charles is a little bored here too, but once I have a job we can go out again. We've actually been really good at saving money, but it means not going anywhere.

The bass amp is still available, btw. $25 for that, come pick it up. bring beer, we'll make a day of it!
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