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impromptu vegas

Friday, 1845.

I've left the house to do some errands after being cooped up for what feels like weeks. On my way out the door, I told Charles, "I don't care what we do, I don't care who you call, please, please, just lets get out of the house and do something tonight!"

So I'm on my way back from PetSmart, car loaded with hedgehog bedding and cat litter, when Charles calls. "Do you want to go to Vegas right now?"

"Right now right now?" I ask. "For what?"

"Punk Rock Bowling!" he says.

A bit of debate about schematics, and by 1930 we're on our way to Las Vegas. I don't know where exactly we're going, where we're staying, or who is going to be out there, but we went, and we had some fun. A motel room was secured and we went to a bar downtown to drink beer and watch a few punk bands and some cute (and some not-so-cute) burlesque dancers. I met bunches of Charles' friends, and got to see the rare sight of my boyfriend drinking and enjoying it! A few hours of sleep, and then we watched some of the bowling today, cruised around the casino a bit, and drove back this afternoon. Whirlwind trip for sure, and a great break from the monotony.

Though my camera was with me, I didn't take a single picture.

I needed this trip. Being unemployed has made me stir-crazy, as I can only clean so much and i have developed a callus from knitting so much.

Also this weekend, I have mastered knitting in the round, both with circular and double-pointed needles. Okay, maybe not mastered, but i made a serviceable hat! I've got a bunch of finished object pictures that I'll post later.
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