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things i have made lately

alexvdl: I wonder what a knitted vagina would even feel like
blackeyes_kat: scratchy.

Since I haven't been working, I've been doing my best to stay productive.

This was the first one: A simple hat - the trusty old H2O pattern that has made me dozens of quick hats.

After a pic of that hat got posted on the MySpace, Amanda the tattoo artist wanted a grey hat with a pink stripe. I didn't have enough grey yarn, so I made a pink hat with a grey stripe.

I decided that maybe, if i took the time to learn a new skill, I could make a better hat, or at least a hat without a seam up the back. So I taught myself to knit in the round.

This was the result, and also what happens when I ask Charles to model hats for me:

My current project is a beer cozy, knit in a ribbed pattern entirely on double pointed needles. This will be the death of me:

anyway, back to the knitting ... and the cleaning ... and the changing of car oil.
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