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Well, I have a job again ...

The place I applied at in Upland offered me a job, at the money I asked for. I thought about it overnight, and then decided to accept it - I really want the animal control job, but I need work now and that could take weeks. So I have a job again, a paycheck again, a commute again ...

Yesterday, I drove down to Temecula and met up with Tina for pancakes and gossip. It took to long to get there, and didn't last long enough, but it was fun times anyway.

Afterwards, I picked up Charles from work and we drove to Upland (I've been spending a lot of time in Upland lately) for a punk show in a bar. That was a bit of fun, though I was having a neurotic day and didn't feel great being in a crowd of people I didn't know so well. A pitcher of cheap beer and some decent music helped.

So what now? I start this job next week, meaning i have a few more days off to fill. I'll probably do a good housecleaning, maybe try to work on the bike some more. For that, I'm waiting on the manual to come in the mail. Michael is finally coming up tonight to get his stuff out of the garage, so that's good. Supposedly, he'll have some of the money he owes me as well.

I'm going to miss all my knitting time ...
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