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*pet name*

I'm so lazy today.

Went to Bats with xyla_pajmina last night. drank too much, had to spend way too much energy fending off a creepy guy. (hint: dancing with you =/= wanting to make out with you. at all.) Danced until i was happy, sat out front with Amy and Heather and drank beer from paper bags.

Charles didn't end up going with me, since he had to work today. It was nice, as always, to come home to him. "Come to bed, *pet name*, I can't sleep without you ... "

The pet name will never, ever, be spoken to the general public, but rest assured, it's damn cute.

I've spent all day baking, though I don't feel like much has been accomplished. I've got cookies that didn't turn out so great, or maybe it's just that I don't really like sugar cookies and should have thought of that before I made them. I've also made my own pita bread and tabouli, and I'll make some hummus when i feel like going back into the kitchen.

The new job starts on Monday. I almost feel bad about how unenthusiastic I am about it, but it's really only a job that I'm taking because it's available. If this animal control job ever comes through, i'll probably quit and take the AC job, as much as i hate to quit a job I've just started. They're all really nice there - i just don't want the job all that much.

I think I've gotten spoiled, staying home all day ...
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