kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

the last of it is gone ...

Last night, I dyed the last of the purple out of my hair. Informed Saturday that "oh, by the way, you'll need to do something about that color in your hair," I picked up the dye and grudgingly covered what was left of my pretty purple hair.

So for this job I don't want and will quit as soon as a better offer comes along, I've dyed my hair, will be removing all piercings every day (apparently some companies do still care about tongue piercings) and got my ass out of bed at 0445 today in order to get to Upland by 0700. I overestimated the time it would take to get here, and am now sitting in a dark, rainly parking lot. With my ugly black hair.

Wednesday and thursday, I have to be here at 0600. Meaning leave my house at 0500, so waking up at 0400 ... fuck this. No, really.

I really should just start working out seriously and become a stripper. The hours are better and the money ain't bad. From what I hear, I could put myself through college on it.
Tags: work

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