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i'm going to hide now.

It's been an odd couple of days.

I'm still working on the living room ... moving furniture is a bitch, especially dusty old heavy furniture. Not much to look forward to but cleaning the kitchen next. Oh well, I'm feeling nesty.

Valentines day always sucks. we're both close to broke. I hate to subscribe to the conventional v-day BS, but it would have been nice if we could have done something.
you know, that's not ever really what i'm pissy about. i'm pissy because he wasn't supposed to work today, we were going to hang out and clean the house together, and he ended up needing to work because someone else didn't fucking want to. I understand, needs to work, needs the money, shop needs artists, but goddamnit i wanted to spend the day with him. and now i'm grouchy and no one wants to hang out with me when i'm grouchy anyways.

I got a valentines day present from a total stranger - gift exchanges are fun. A big jar of liquid latex. Pink liquid latex. I'm so wearing this out to something. fucking hot! and a bottle of wine, and a bag of candy hearts. so i didn't get completely scrooged on v-day, i guess.

Even when i feel crappy - or maybe especially when i feel crappy - my dog is awesome.

In my rearranging, I found the speech I wrote for the toast when I was maid of honor for Heather and Adam. Rereading it made me get all sniffly. I'm such a sap.

Maybe Joy Division not the best choice in music today?
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