kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

to the land of oaks

The plan:

Work until three today, then head over to the airport in Ontario, where I will meet up with my friend Denise. We fly out at five from ontario to oakland. The BART will take us somewhere, to see some band that I have never heard of but who has put me and Denise on the guest list. we will crash in a motel for a few hours (some day, I will get to sleep for more than a few hours) and then take an early morning flight back to ontario. Once home, I plan to get going with some cookie-making.

Charles has promised to take care of the animals in my brief absence. He has also threatened to have some sort of party involving midget strippers. I wouldn't put it past him.

It's going to be nice to get away, if only for a night.
Tags: friends, fun, vacation

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