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I am exhausted. The plan didn't include pulling an all-nighter, but that's how it worked out. Fun times were had by all, and when I dragged my ass into the house at 0930 this morning, this is what I found on my laptop:

I positively squeaked with the cuteness. Then I had to shove them all off to the side to use the computer.

The show - the whole trip - was amazing. I was already massively sleep deprived before I got on the plane yesterday afternoon, as I've only really been sleeping four hours a night for a while. Changed at work, put on makeup in the car, and traveling light I met up with Denise and boarded the plane. We talked all the way up there, and it was really fun to get to know her better - one of those people who has lead an amazing life. She talked of living in Russia, learning Tibetan (which isn't called Tibetan, but fuck if i can remember what it is called), staying in traditional hotels in Japan. I talked about my travel plans, but next to her, I don't feel like I've been anywhere.

We got there and found the BART. The homeless in the BART station are quite helpful about figuring out the ticket system! Only cost me a dollar. It's so different to be in an area with effective public transportation - it's so sad that we can't have something like this in southern california. Even if the train did smell a little funny.

Oh, and as soon as I stepped off of the plane, I realized how massive underprepared I was for a San Franscisco night. The entirety of my weather protection was one single scarf. I didn't stop shivering until I crawled into bed.

To the Civic Center exit, than a few blocks walk uphill through a very questionable neighborhood. I was amused to find that the music venue - The Great American Music Hall - was two doors down from the famous O'Farrell Theater. I also realized that I know too much about porn history.

I'll save the details of the show, because I'm too lazy to even try and describe it. Estratasphere and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum were absolutely amazing. Very artsy, very fun. and I'm not even into artsy. The show went on late, and afterwards we hung out down by the dressing rooms for a while before helping the band load the equipment onto the bus. I would have loved to found somewhere to sleep by that point, but we were there as guests of the singer, so we were really just along for the ride.

Eventually, we all piled into the tour bus, and found ourselves stuck in crazy 0330 San Franscisco traffic. The company made it pretty fun, however. By the time we got to the singer's house, it was nearly time to go to the airport, but he was nice enough to show us some beautiful pictures of Iceland and talked about his three week vacation there.

I don't remember the flight home. I fell asleep before we left the ground and woke up to the screech of wheels on tarmac. Somehow I found my car and got myself home, where I found my awesome candy hearts message.

There were a few hours sleep, and now I'm going to make some cookies for mskitty23, though I know she'll have to eat them with her left hand.
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