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new problems, old friends

I'm not going to get into the details.

It's been a very, very rough week. He was as good as gone, so much was going on that I had no clue about, too many things that had gone unsaid. So I got my heart ripped out and reattached more than a few times this week. Hopefully the sutures will hold, this time.

"Is there anything else? Anything? Hit me with it now while I'm already hurt, I can't take this again."

"No ... I'm pretty sure that's it."

Add to the boy worries, the stress of having to quit a decent job i like to take a good job that I'm unsure about, and having to give notice without even being sure of having the new job.

I wasn't eating, wasn't sleeping ... last night we barbequed kabobs, asparagus, and corn, and that was the most food I've eaten all week. That was actually really fun - I cut veggies, he barbequed. We even bought some fake meat so that i could have meat kabobs. We ate outside, since I've cleaned up the backyard and it was such a pleasant night.

I think things will be okay ... bumps in the road, for sure ...

My best friend from my senior year of high school, who disappeared off to Tennessee shortly after I graduated and was pregnant and married shortly after, just found me on myspace. How did we ever find old friends before myspace?
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