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again, from the beginning.

My head hurts, and i am groggy. No reason why, really ... i didn't sleep well last night, couldn't stay comfortable. Probably PMS or something.

I've got three shifts left at the Upland hospital. Leaving is sad ... I don't hate the job, and I've made so many really good friends there in just two months. People I hang out with, text, and call even on my days off. So I'm glad I took the job, if only for a short time, just for the friends I've made.

The Animal Control job starts Thursday. I think the first two days are Riverside County orientation, and after that, i really have no idea what my schedule will be. What days, what hours ...i have no clue. I'm hoping for afternoons/swing shift, and I'm hoping to get my days off in a row, but it really could be anything. I'm nervous!

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I've been so busy, I barely have time to read, but I am trying to keep up with everybody.
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