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I should be starting dinner, or folding laundry, or vacuuming ... but i'm being lazy, and enjoying my day off. Actually, it's a day of unemployment - I worked my last shift at VCA Upland yesterday, and I start with Riverside County Animal Control tomorrow.

Last night after work, some of the girls and I went to the Black Watch, a pub down the street from work. Charles met us down there. Pitchers of beer and glasses of cider were obtained, and much fun was had. Much flirting, as well, with the girl I've been flirting with for months now. Charles is amazingly tolerant. Anyway, flirting continued by text afterward, and yeah ... we'll see how that goes.

She came down today to get tattooed by Charles, which made for some interesting commentary by the guys at the tattoo shop. Whatever.

I may be buying a Sportster in the next few days. Mmm hmm ... happiness all over the place.
Tags: friends, love, motorcycle, tattoo, work

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