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you're pretty when you're mine

I just got back from class ... I really do enjoy school, and I'm able to open up a bit more in class, and ask questions without feeling so awkward ... we're up to World War One, which is quite interesting to me, and I was discussing it with Michael not too long ago. So i have a little background on it fresh in my head, and that makes it easier than learning all of it new.

I'm heading down to OC in a minute ... gonna change shirts, put some makeup on, and get Flea back in his crate ... he's doing a bit better, it seems. Has a little more control of his legs, stronger.

Michael came up here last night ... I so enjoy the company, the conversation ... and stuff ... am i annoying everyone with my happiness yet? too fucking bad ... i'm happy being happy. He watched Suburbia with me ... the old punk movie ... which was nice and depressing, so then we watched Airplane to laugh at horrid jokes ...

lately it seems like I'm the only one that has been happy ... self-pity spreading like a virus ... don't anyone take that the wrong way, just my perspective. I know i can be guilty of it too.

Best advice I've ever heard, coming from Dr. Harris: "Don't like your life? Change it."

and i know it is not always that simple. but sometimes it is.

So I thought this weekend started my two week dogsitting project for my mother ... i had that (almost) all planned out ... and find out today that the two weeks doesn't start until the end of the month, this weekend is just this weekend. So I'm going over there Thursday night after work, and staying through Sunday morning. Not too bad. With my poor Flea-in-a-box.

But for now, I am off to OC, lagging as usual, and I still have to stop and buy smokes ... i'm really, really thinking about deciding to not smoke ... it's come down to what moment do i decide I've had my last cigarette. I think it may be soon.

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