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this weekend is almost awesome.

In brief:

I'm picking up my super-sweet bike tonight or tomorrow.
Charles is taking tomorrow off and we're going shooting! I'm bringing the camera.
We're firing up the barbeque tonight - steak for him, portobellos for me.
The girl i'm all over won't touch me because i have a boyfriend. My boyfriend doesn't care if i'm banging her, and laughs at me because i can't get in her pants. She's so goddamned difficult!
For some reason, my alarm clock is going off right now. odd.
I should vacuum. and go to the store. I scrubbed the toilets the other day, so i'm not a total slacker.
My first paycheck won't come for four weeks. This month is going to suck, financially.
I'm driving the truck for the weekend and wishing i could have satellite radio in my car.

that is all.
Tags: friends, fun, motorcycle

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