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Billy Williams

Billy Williams was an old family friend, and part of my earliest memories of drag racing. He died last week, though he's been non-responsive since the accident a few years ago. I'd always hoped he'd come around, but it didn't work out that way.

I spent my weekend off not doing much ... cleaning, relaxing, practicing on the motorcycle, playing with the kittens. Momma-cat and kittens are doing wonderfully, living mostly in a pen in the cat's room. She's sweet, they're getting well socialized. Flea is having a great time chasing kittens around the room.

Charles and I went to a show last night, mostly to see heather's husband's band. Crust punk isn't really my thing, but it was fun. Afterwards, we went by Helen and Mikey's house and joined the impromptu party that Helen wasn't expecting. I probably drank a little more than i should have, and both Heather and Helen were groping my ass, but it was fun times.

I think we're barbequing tonight, but fuck if i know when Charles is getting home from work ...
Tags: animals, friends, fun, races

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