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vaccine reaction / the bird flies

Rabies vaccine #3 (of three) was today. The nurse was merciless, my arm is sore, and I am feeling not-so-hot tonight. This series is done, thank goodness. In june, there will be a blood test to assess my protection from the rabies, and then i'm good.

I've already racked up one bite report since I've started at the shelter (stupid feral cats), so the vaccine is probably a good thing.

Gurgie is going to a new home tomorrow. I love him, but i don't have time for him. He's too aggressive now to handle, and he's not going to get any less aggressive without being handled more. So, after months of looking, I've found a couple that has had African Greys before, and know how to work with a mean bird.

I'm going to miss him. kinda.
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