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Five jobs in a year.

In the last 13 months, I've had five jobs. Not the best track record.

I quit ACC&IM on March 31.
I worked at SCVRG/IREAH for a few months, quit with no job lined up on Sept. 13. Took a month to myself.
Took the day job in Hemet, started in October and lasted about 3 months. Worst practice I've ever worked for. Quit/got fired, again with no job lined up.
Worked at VCA Central in Upland for two months. I liked it there and made many friends, but Riverside County finally got back to me about the RVT job.
Started at the Riverside shelter April 10. I like it there, I like the benefits best.

Over the winter, I was thinking that I hadn't felt comfortable anywhere like I did at ACC&IM. I could have gotten to that point at the VCA, and I'm pretty sure I'll get to that at the shelter. The VCA job made me genuinely sad to leave, it was a good position. But I probably would have gotten frustrated with management there eventually.

Five jobs in a year ... no wonder I don't feel stable.
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