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an adorable pain in the ass, and a very long drive

The puppy is a huge pain in the ass, but she's damn cute sitting on my lap playing with her chew toy.

Tomorrow after work, I'm dropping the dogs off at various sitters, filling up the cat's food bowls, and heading off to Reno. We're going up the 395, and I'm looking forward to what I anticipate will be a beautiful drive. I'm totally not prepared, of course, and am writing this in between loads of laundry and looking for various things i just can't live without for 934 miles. By that I mean uploading episodes of Family Guy onto my iPod.

After observing some of the details of the attire and decoration of my co-workers, i have come to the decision that some of the purple will be returning to my hair. mmm hmm. soon.
Tags: animals, vacation

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