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jumping into the fire/reno 911

"There won't be any surgeries scheduled during Adopt-a-thon." they said.

They lied.

My first day working the Spay & Neuter clinic on my own, with an unlicenced tech working the shot clinic and an assistant helping me get animals anesthetized, prepped, and into the surgery room, and we got about 30 animals speutered, vaccinated, and microchipped in six hours of surgery. It didn't go perfectly smoothly, but as the day went along we got into a rhythm and everything hummed along pretty well. We even got some of todays adoptions altered and out the door same day.

But that was quite a welcome back from three days off.

Tomorrow I drive to the Banning shelter to do the morning medications, then to Riverside to do medications, treatments, intake, adoption exams, and everything else ... at least there's no S/N Clinic on Sundays.

Going to Reno was a nice break. I like to travel for travel's sake, just to see places and people i've not seen before. We went up the back way, taking the 395 up the Owens Valley. We stopped in Lone Pine to sleep, and then back on the road in the morning. If anyone ever goes this way, avoid the Alabama Cafe in Lone Pine. Trust me.

I was amazed to find, as we passed through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, that there was still snow on the ground, after leaving 90+ temperatures at home.

Time did not permit the making of snow angels. Charles did find me a perfect pinecone, however.

We arrived in Reno midafternoon, and met up with Charles' friend Billy. He loaded up his jeep and took us shooting out in the hills behind his house, and I went through a couple clips on the AK-47. Never really thought I'd be able to say that ... anyway ...

Not much else to share from that night. We went to a couple bars, I met Billy's girlfriend Austin, who is a rollergirl for the Tahoe Derby Dames. They were both so sweet, making us pizzas and putting us up for the night. It was on the floor, but I've slept in worse places. In the morning, we loaded everything up, packed the new toys safely away, and drove very carefully down the bland and boring I-5.

And that's how my days off went. I'm so ready to go again!
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