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Puppy's Parvo Problem

Well, the foster puppy has the Parvo.

I would have euthed her, but Charles' boss is going to adopt her, and his two little daughters have met the puppy and given her a name and a little princess bed, and they love her very much ... so i said i'd treat the parvo.

So "Chloe" is now at the VCA I was working at a month ago, in an incubator and getting IV fluids. Luckily, she's responded very well to the 24 hours of treatment she's had so far, and is already eating and drinking and playing. Which is good, because I still haven't gotten a paycheck and it's best for the bank account if the puppy gets well really, really fast.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go out there to check on her, and see if i can bring her home.

This also means no foster puppies in my house for six months, which is probably for the better - puppies are expensive, time-consuming pains-in-the-ass. It's kittens only from here on out. Much more manageable.

Go see Ironman. It's the best comic book adaptation movie ever made, or maybe it's just that Robert Downey Jr. is just that awesome in it.

I'm really, really tired, and a day off would be so nice. Supposedly we're going fishing soon, and i'm kinda looking forward to a day on the lake, with a hat and and book and a fishing pole that I don't actually plan on putting any bait on.
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