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It's been eventful, people.

The puppy made a miraculous, wonderfully economic recovery and came home last night. She went immediately to her new home, along with her medications. Hopefully she'll do fine - I didn't get a phone call today. Stupid parvo.

Had today off - went to riverside, picked up a part for Charles' bike, found out the cost of putting forward controls on the bike (and nearly fell over hearing it), washed my car, polished my rims (shiny!), and then we went on a little motorcycle ride. My first venture outside the complex. I did okay, I think. Didn't die, at least. I first went around the block by myself, then around a slightly larger block, then Charles started up his bike, and I followed him around the block and then to his tattoo shop and a gas station. A small trip, but i'm learning in baby steps.

Next - freeways.

Maybe eventually I'll even go get my license.

I'm going low carb. Vegetarian low-carb. What does a vegetarian low-carb dieter eat, anyway? Tofu and eggs is what the future looks like for me. Something has to change, I've got a closet full of clothes that don't quite button up anymore. We'll see how this goes.
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