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Why is there crime scene tape around my house, you ask?

For the last couple of weeks, there's been a ... smell. I blamed my oversaturation of animals, the litterbox in the kitchen, the hedgehog cage, and Goyle's unfortunate habits. I cleaned, I scrubbed, I even steam-cleaned the carpets, but the not-so-fresh odor remained.

We also noticed an increase in the insect population of the area ... there's always bugs in the summer, but so many flies? this early in the year?

My neighbors in the condo to the south of me disappeared a few months ago. The woman was old and demented, the son was in his fifties and not-quite-right. There was a day, a while back, where some fire trucks and an ambulance were here, and I didn't see either of them after that. I started watering the plants and feeding her outdoor cat. I figured that one of the two had died, and the other went off to whatever hospice/mental health facility/rehab was appropriate.

For reasons I'm not even going to try and justify here, Charles and I decided a few nights ago that the condo was worth investigating. Last night, he went in while I was asleep, and I woke up at 0230 with him wild eyed and panting at the side of my bed. "There's a fucking body in there!" he exclaimed frantically. He had gone in through the back door, meeting swarms of flies and a rotten stench. He walked down the hallway and caught sight of a leg sticking out beyond the side of the bed. A thin, wary cat darted under the bed when he approached. He only went further enough to see the rest of the body - a body so rotted away and chewed upon that he couldn't tell if it was the son or the mother.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night. I'm glad I wasn't awake to go exploring with him.

This morning he called the police, and explained to them how he went in the house to rescue the cat we saw trapped behind the window. They took her away and wrapped the condo in police tape. Animal control came for her poor starved cat (she was a thin woman). They also left the curtains of her bedroom open and the light on, so her death scene is staged for the whole neighborhood to view until that bulb burns out.

I hope when I die, someone notices I'm gone before the stench kicks in, and that my cats don't eat me.

It does smell better in here tonight, though.
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