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wish me luck today!

Since they've re-opened the nearby DMV, today's project is to register the motorcycle and take my permit test. A permit will let me ride in daylight, and not on the freeways. So at least I can get to work and back legally - my midnight shopping trips across town will still be illegal until I've gotten my actual license.

All assuming I pass the test, of course.

After that, it's house-cleaning time. I'm still catching up on dishes after last weeks clogged garbage disposal (note to self: no artichokes down the disposal). And maybe some laundry (exciting!).

We're talking about maybe, someday, sometime, buying a house in Riverside. I'm lonely out here, Riverside is closer to work for both of us, and the foreclosed houses are going for $100,000 less than the other houses in the area. If I can get a down payment together ... maybe, maybe, maybe. someday.

a yard, for a real dog ... i dream too much.
Tags: domesticity, motorcycle

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