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house sitting

House sitting for Lonny is like taking a little vacation without having to go anywhere. Example: Last night after work, I hung out in the jacuzzi with Charles until I was adequately relaxed, then played pool in my bikini for a while. The dogs are fun and full of cuddle. The cats are sweet and low-maintainance. And I'm getting paid for this!

There are downsides. I was chased out of the side yard by a gigantic, hissing, angry tortise this morning. Those things move faster than you might believe. I guess he didn't like this morning's breakfast of salad and radishes. Also, the skeletal tortise in the side was a bit of a shock, I had to do a live tortise head count to make sure all of the ones I was supposed to be feeding were present and accounted for. I thought a cat was missing for nearly a day, but it turns out that she's just a tiny black cat very good at hiding under the bed.

I've been riding the motorcycle almost exclusively for the last two days. Me and Charles took a little ride together yesterday, me trying to keep up with him at night, flying down the 91. Great time for his engine to develop an oil leak, misting my visor with oil. Freeway riding is scary enough when I can see. Once again, I survived, somehow.

The oil leak was found to be due to a crack in his engine case. :( This isn't going to be easy, or cheap, but oh well. He loves his chopper, he can work on it. I'm planning some modifications for my bike soon - drag bars, lowering springs, forward controls, new fenders, 1200 conversion kit. I'll make it as cool as I can make a Sporty. With all of my spare money, of course.
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