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There is death in drag racing, it's the ever-looming threat, the assumed risk, the reason for all the required safety equipment. Every time there is a death in the sport, it hurts all of us involved ... even though I'm not at every race like i was for a while, the community still feels like a family to me. The Kalitta family is part of my earliest drag racing memories, they've been racing since long before I was born. To me, they're all fixtures in the sport. That's probably why this one is really bothering me.

Scott Kalitta was killed today in a horrific wreck at the end of a track in Englishtown, NJ. My mom and brother informed me by txt message today while I was at work. My brother, the writer, was working at the end of the race track when it happened and is pretty shaken up. What did my txt from him say ... "i saw things i wish i could unsee". I can't and don't want to imagine.

Every death reminds us all that it could happen to anyone ... and most of us that love the sport would not let that fact even slow us down from strapping into a nitro funny car.
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