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tag your bitches

They said that the days after Fourth of July are some of the busiest at the shelter, and I believe it. Some of the dogs I saw this weekend had tags or microchips. Some of those tags even had correct phone numbers, and some of those microchips were even registered.

But most of the dogs that came in were not so lucky. It's amazing how many nice dogs have nice collars with no tags. I've never seen so many obviously owned, adult dogs come in before. Many purebreds, even. And the shelter was swamped with people looking for their runaway animals. Stupid fireworks.

Adding to the fun of this weekend was that we were horribly understaffed - usually there are four people on Sunday, today two - and I spent most of Saturday in the "e-room", doing what is done in the e-room. No fun at all. Oh, and the parvo. Today was quite a day for parvo.

I also saw the highest body temp I've ever seen on a dog today. A German Shepherd spent a good amount of time running up and down the street after escaping from the animal control officer's truck. She asked me to check on the dog when she finally caught it. My thermometer stopped reading at 109.
Seeing as how I have no veterinarian on Sundays and we were about to close the shelter for the night anyway, I had her take the dog to the emergency clinic. I hate to dump a case like that on them at the end of a holiday weekend, but without a doctor there, or even another tech to restrain the dog, I couldn't even put the dog on fluids. I can't imagine that it would be alive tomorrow morning if i left it in the shelter like that. It probably won't be alive tomorrow morning anyway, with a temp that high.

I earned my pay this weekend.

Two days off, I've got lots to do. First and foremost, I've got to improve my Wii Tennis backhand.

Charles started at a new shop this week, in Beaumont. It's closer, better, and I see more of him. I like this.
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