kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

drunk kitten vs. special kitten

There are two kittens in my house. Kitten the first is "Milo", one of a family of ferals living in my backyard. I decided that I was going to catch him and socialize him, and one day he fell asleep right near the sliding glass door. I slid open the door, reached outside, and grabbed him. Once I got him inside, I found that Milo was in fact a very shy little girl kitty. She's got a crooked tail, and after a few days in the house she's starting to warm up to us a bit. She's still suspicious, and doesn't seem to know how to be a normal housecat.

Kitten the second is "Dizzy", or alternately, "Dizzycow". Dizzy is a foster kitten from work. When he was neutered, he received Ivermectin to treat his earmites. He may have gotten an overdose or just had a bad reaction to it, either way, now he's ... dizzy. A bit wobbly, not quite steady on his feet. Hopefully he'll recover in time, but he needed a foster home in the meantime. His shakiness doesn't slow him down, he just falls a lot.

So i've got these two crazy kitties running around, plus my normal kitties ... I walk in the house in the evening and the feline population, all mewing for attention, is almost overwhelming. But kittens are awesome, and my cats are amazingly tolerant, and it's all for good.

A group tattooing is planned for Monday. My neck will end up a bit more floral, if all goes well.
Tags: animals

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