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Milo goes to Cypress

Miss Milo found a home, with my friend Aimee. I had her spayed/vaccinated/'chipped at my work, and Saturday night we drove down to Cypress to get her into her new home. She's now living happily with Aimee, her boyfriend, and a super-cute kitten about her own age named Milkshake.

So that's happy.

Captain Stripeyhead still needs a home. I know the name is stupid, but if you adopt him, you can change the name to anything you want! He's playful and independent, and loves the company of other cats. Poor thing pouted for a full day after Milo left.

He's the cutie on the left!

What else? I finally found someone who cuts my hair the way i like it, and for a ridiculously reasonable price, too. I'll get the dying done today, it'll look fab in time for the family reunion. I'm trying to pack today, trying to walk the fine line between overdressing and scaring my relatives. If i'm going to err, it will probably be on the side of "scare my relatives". Gotta figure out which clothes show the most tattoos. Me, my mom, and my aunt are flying out on Thursday, coming back Monday. Apparently farm visiting is involved.

Charles has gotten a lot of work done on my bike. Drag bars, solo seat, new pipes. She can now be heard two blocks away, and is starting to look really sweet. I rode all day yesterday, from home to Banning to work, then from the Banning shelter to the Riverside shelter. After work I rode straight out to Beaumont for my haircut, where I apologized profusely to Jenny for my helmet hair. By the time I was done, it was nearly dark, which made for a bit of a harrowing ride over the Badlands. But the weather was so pleasant, it really was nice to be out on the bike in the evening.

Needless to say, by the time i got home, my ass was sore. The new seat is built for looks, not for comfort!
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