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Dear UPS: Fuck you.

I am so pissed off at UPS right now.

Charles and I are going to the river after the weekend. I actually planned to leave Sunday night after work. We would arrive down there in the evening, and have all day Monday to fish/drink/etc.

I don't have a key to the house down there. My mom does, and my aunt (who lives down there) does.

A package that was supposed to be shipped here was mistakenly shipped to my mom's house this week. My fault, I forgot to update my shipping address with that company. My mom suggests that she ship the package to me via UPS, along with the key to the river house. Kill two birds with one stone and save me a trip, right? Does that make three birds in total? anyway ...

Thursday, I arrive home to a "sorry we missed you" sticky note on my door from UPS. A little odd in itself, since Tuesday they were happy to leave a package on my doorstep. No big deal, though. I just have to sign the slip and they'll leave the package Friday, right?

Except not so much.

I came home today and found another "sorry we missed you" sticky, stuck directly on top of the first, signed one. Now it's Friday night, so this means:

1. They won't make another attempt until Monday.
2. I won't get the key until at least Monday.
3. I can't get into the house until ... Monday.

Normally my Aunt is down there and could let me in, but she's gone this weekend, and won't be back until ... Monday.

My options are now to call UPS, and see if I can pick up the package somewhere tomorrow (massively unlikely, since i work all day), to try and reach my aunt, in Idyllwild for the jazz festival, and get the key from her, or to wait until Monday to go at all, and miss at least 1/2 a day of my little vacation.

Fuck you, UPS, for cutting into my vacation time. If signing for the package isn't enough to receive it, I don't know WTF is.

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