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from all possible orfices.

One hour and ten minutes until i get to go home. I haven't been home since thursday night. I miss my animals. I miss my bed and my shower.

I can't have my cake and eat it too. I can have my own great little house, or I can live in orange county. Though I almost have it worked out that way.

Tonight has been absolutely fucking disgusting. I've got one dog that pees every hour or so, gallons of urine. for whatever reason, the doctor has him on an IV rate of a quarter of a liter an hour. I've got another dog in the incubator who is spewing blood from both ends. And my only other patient is a dog that was just here to clip burrs out of his fur, and for no particular reason, maybe just to join in the grossness, he vomited out the front of his cage and all over the cage below his.

I want to go home, get these scrubs off, and jump in the shower.

I'm in an odd mood. I feel a bit numb and I don't like it. probably just burnt out a bit. Having today of will be refreshing, i think. after these three days I need a break.

Flea isn't improving a whole lot, in fact I think he may be doing a little worse than he was a day or two ago. Tuesday afternoon, I'll be making a decision as to my next step with him. Which may be just to continue with the meds, or may be more diagnostics.

I got a new lip ring yesterday. Two new ones, actually. One plain, and one with a shiny pink jewel thingy in the ball. It's really cute, maybe I'll add in a pic of it when I get home. I also got a new barbell for my tongue, 8 gauge. I was wearing a 10. I'd like to get up to a 6, and I hope I have the sense to stop there. I was a bit surprised, the 8 went right through. I want to get new rings for my ears, but I don't know exactly what I want yet.

I saw an old friend this afternoon, it was a bit strange. She looked like hell, scrawny and sucked up and haggard. Sad to see ... it was Aimee, Brent's ex-girlfriend and my friend before that. Her dating him immediately after I broke up with him got in the way of our friendship years back. I almost didn't recognize her, then I didn't know what to say. She looked so pitiful ...

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