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My tongue aches.

I put the 8 gauge in the other night, and it went right through, but now it aches ... quite annoying. To have this dull pain in the middle of my mouth...

Tried to explain giving oral sex to a guy to a lesbian the other day ... i'm not sure how well i got the idea across ... She stated that she just couldn't even fathom the concept, and I told her that's why she's a lesbian.

Flea ... my poor Flea ... I had to put him on pain meds. He started doing worse, and screamed out when i touched him. So now he's doped up and we have to do 100% confinement. He's sad, I'm scared. I miss having him by my side all the time. We go back to his vet tomorrow afternoon.

It's been wonderful how many people have been asking about him, worried about him. People I wouldn't expect to care so much. It really is touching that people care, and know how much i love the little guy.

Michael came up last night ... wasn't expecting him too, but he talked to me on the phone and knew I was sad and came up to see me ... so sweet. Made me feel much better. I've been down lately, but he helps me not feel too bad. We watched a couple of strange movies.

Oh ... and does anyone know why alcohol feels warm when you drink it?

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