kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

not doing chores

It's a beautiful night out tonight. Summer finally seems to be winding down ... maybe nights of passing the bank sign on my way home from work and seeing it flash "8:15pm ... 92 degrees" will be over soon. I've already knitted a cowl to keep my neck warm on winter rides. Pink, of course. Anyway, tonight it's nice, still warm but not hot, and it smells like barbeque. Not that I would eat barbeque ... but it smells good.

Home improvement project in the works: We've got a spare bedroom that has been nothing but "the cat's room" for years, containing little but a litter box and a cat tree. We're going to convert the space into an office/studio. The cat stuff will be relocated (but i liked having the litterbox in a separate room), the carpet pulled up and replaced with something solid (i'm thinking bamboo), and the walls painted. Sounds simple enough, right? Nothing is simple ... I don't even know where to start. I think listening to Joy Division is sucking the motivation right out of me, anyway.

Dizzy was officially adopted the other day. He's out kitty now, and i love him so much. I got my order of tags in today, names and numbers for all the kitties and Flea. Usually, when i sit down on the couch, i've got cats all over me. Tonight, I think they know that I want to do something to them, even something so small as attach a tag to their collars, and they want nothing to do with me. Dizzy is the only one on my lap tonight.

He's so trusting ... he needs a bath, but I hate to do it, i think he would think it's some sort of horrible trick.

All the cats need baths, and I don't want to do any of them.

Saturday night, I was riding the bike to a party in Colton. I'm on the bike, on the freeway, and I realized that i wasn't terrified. In fact, I think I was having fun. Nice to get to that point, finally.
Tags: animals, domesticity, motorcycle

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