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i do plan on celebrating for the entire month, really

OK, so my birthday really isn't for two months away. But I need something to look forward to, really. I checked the calendar, and my b-day falls on a Saturday, and the same weekend as Pomona! So I requested either Sat or Sun off, and I figure I can party it up friday or saturday night, and then go to the races for my off day. good plan, no?

Either Heather and I are going to have a joint party in Long Beach, or I'll have my own up here (god knows what I'll do with the animals ... well, Dizzy likes to party). One way or another, I'm celebrating this one. In two months. if i make it that long.

Note to drivers along the 91/60 freeways: Please stop trying to kill me.


one more day of work then a whole day of nothing! and then a Banning shift I volunteered for on my other day off. Boo extra work. Yay OT.
Tags: friends, fun, motorcycle, work

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