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forgetting how to ride

This afternoon is day three of three of the MSF course I'm taking so that I can get my motorcycle license. It's ridiiiiiculous ... I'm forgetting more motorcycle basics than I've learned, but now I can start my bike using a five-step acronymed Hondatm process. I swear every night I leave that class a worse rider than when I went in. Oh, don't worry about countersteering, just press on the grip! Don't use your clutch through the turns! Don't worry about getting into neutral when you park!

So today's the big evaluation. Hopefully I'll be able to forget enough about riding to pass.

Charles has promised cookies to everyone in the world. Cookies for the bartender at Michelle's Bar, cookies for the Chinese lady with the massage parlor next to the shop, who brings the boys fruits we've never seen and pastries with unidentafiable but yummy flavors, cookies for the boys at the shop ... everyone he talks to lately, he's promising cookies. So I made a run to the store today already, and managed to fit the ingredients for six dozen oatmeal raisin cookies into my backpack.

I think I'm going to have to move on to pies, eventually. Or brownies. Maybe even cakes.
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