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So, an asshole dog attacked my knee today.

I just had to take her out of a run to weigh her, as she's supposed to be shipped off via air cargo to her owner in South Carolina and the airline wanted a weight. I knew the dog - my notes from my impound exam say "Caution: arrived on catch pole, unable to examine/vax/scan. Bleeding from mouth due to trying to bite catch pole." But it had been two months, and I was hoping that daily interaction with people had warmed her up a little bit, and besides - all i had to do was throw a leash around her head, drag her to the scale, and drag her back into the cage. Little to no actual kasey/dog contact, right?

I open the door to the run and lean in just a little bit, leash ready like a lasso to loop around the neck of the dog. First she runs back to the corner of the cage - this was typical, I wasn't surprised. A little closer with the leash ... and the bitch charges me. I'm so glad I wasn't fully leaned into the kennel, or holding the leash low to the ground - I could have had my hands or face torn up. What did happen was that the dog rushed the door and attacked my knee. I was so surprised all i could do was scream. Lucky for me the stupid dog had tightened the leash around her throat, and I was able to yank her off my leg and swing her back into the kennel.

After that it was just embarrassing ... Everyone in the hallway heard me yell, all of Vet Staff saw me cleaning my wounds. Every three minutes today, someone would come up - "So, I heard you got bit." No shit. What, did you hear me screaming?

Now dog can't fly to South Carolina because it has a ten day hold for the bite - ten days for us to make sure that it doesn't show signs of rabies. I'm vaccinated and so is the dog, but that's the law. We want to talk the owners into euthanizing, but I haven't heard back on that. After seeing a picture of my knee, Charles offered to come down with a pistol to handle the dog, but i had to decline.

Charles did make everything better by making me french toast for dinner when I got home tonight. He's a wonderful boy ... we're talking pretty seriously about buying a house, maybe in San Bernardino or Colton. All a big maybe at this point but it's a plan for a future.

And if i get a house ... with a yard ... I could have a real dog, or maybe even a goat!
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