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We're off to see the surgeon ...

In brief, because I have to be up in four hours, and I have a mid term later today, in the afternoon, that I'm supposedly studying for ...

took Flea to his vet earlier ... things aren't looking better. Worse, if anything, now there is pain in addition to his other symptoms.

so today I have to call the surgical specialists and try to get him in for an MRI or a myleogram. And then most likely surgery.

Fuck ...

Anything and everything for my baby. He has his insurance ... I already have a call in to my friend who manages the claims department, she's going to get me as much coverage as she can on that. the problem is that I have to come up with all this cash up front ... so I'll max out my credit cards, beg my mom for what she can loan me, and sell my soul ... the cost on this is usually $2,000 - $3,000.

I was really freaked out earlier, but i do have a great source of comfort and support right now. and I am so grateful to have him ... we went out to dinner and watched a movie, and that calmed my nerves quite a bit.

Flea seems to be handling it all well.

Thanks to everybody for all the support he's gotten. I really appreciate it.

wish us luck at the surgeon's today.

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