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communist cake

Making my first attempt at a cake today, with a red velvet cake.

It may be a pink velvet cake - apparently the recipie calls for multiple bottles of red food coloring, and i was ill-prepared with only one. We'll see.

The kitchen is a red mess.

I'm really irritated with some of my friends ... just when i'm feeling especially lonely and isolated, my best friend calls to tell me about the show no one told me about, the two-day party that followed, all the people that came out for it. "oh, no one told you? Well, you were probably working anyway."

even if i was ... a phone call/text msg/email/myspace message/smoke signal would have been nice.

I need local friends.

I need a local life.

Foster puppy has been prescribed a new round of sedatives. You know, so she can recuperate. And so I don't kill her. Probably never bringing home a foster puppy again ... they're so needy.
Tags: domesticity, friends

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