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I should change the name of this journal to "Flea Health Updates"

So we went to see the surgeon today ... it went pretty much how i thought it would, the surgeon wants me to have an MRI done on him. I talked to his previous owner, who is a vet i used to work with, and he wants me to take him to a neurologist first. So 9:30 tomorrow morning, we're going to see a neurologist. Depending on how that goes, we may or may not have the MRI done tomorrow.

Flea is having one of the best days he's had since this started. He seems comfortable and is moving ok. Which makes me look like an ass when I'm trying to tell the surgeon how he's been collapsing on his rear leg, while Flea is trying to run circles around the exam room. But better is better, and that makes me happy.

Alex is coming out tomorrow. This should be fun ... I think I have figured out how I am going to fit him, Flea, and my work into this weekend ... I just have to cut sleep out of my schedule. And everything will work out fine.

Not that I've been sleeping worth a damn at all lately anyway. I've been getting 4 or 5 hours a night, peppered with disturbing dreams. Last night I dreamed I was working in a hospital, and a dog was seizuring, and no one would let me help it ... more dreams on the powerlessness theme that seems to be consistent.

I have my mid-term in a couple hours, for which I am thoroughly unprepared, but I will get in a couple hours of study before I go. I think I can get my hair dyed while I am doing that. After I take my test, I'm coming back here, gathering clothes for tomorrow, and going back to Orange County. I've been there more than here lately ... I've slept here two times in the last week. I miss my house. But the neurologist is in OC, and I don't want to have to leave here at 7 am to get there, so this is how it will be.

And so whatever happens tomorrow will happen, and then I have work tomorrow night, and I'm picking up Alex after work. And Friday we're going to Magic Mountain (wee hoo!) and I don't know what from there. Probably back to OC. Heh. But at least I get to sleep at my own house Thursday night. I should get my mom to babysit Flea so I don't have to worry about him Friday ...

I am in a very small space of completely overwhelmed at the moment.

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