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you gots a real purty mouf

Spending my Friday night drinking vodka/apple drink and watching Deliverance (cue banjo strumming). Wee hoo, party at the condo! This convoluted work schedule as of late has screwed me all up ... worked 0500 to noon, napped 1-4, hung out at the tattoo shop for a few hours. Gave myself a scare on the way home ... Live Oak Canyon is twisty and turny in parts, and it was damp, my visor kept fogging up. I had a car riding my ass, didn't see a turn coming, took it faster than I should have ... nothing bad, just ended up on the shoulder shaky and trying to dry my visor. It kept fogging in the damp air, and I actually rode most of the rest of the way home with the visor open, freezing my face.

Thanksgiving was spent at the clubhouse. Lots of strangers to meet and try to make a good impression on - a goodly amount of cleavage seemed to work well enough to help on that point - but I'm so nervous in a crowd, not to mention how sleepy i was. All went well, I met someone that used to race with my dad back in the seventies and also ended up making friends with someone's daughter. Lots of good food ... those old ladies can cook.

Aw, the dizzy-cat wants lap time. He's so good at being cute - almost makes up for the set of earphones he chewed up last night. Cat eats so many of my wires.

It's amazingly hard to take a picture of the back of one's own neck ... so here's the best I can do to show off the new tattoo.

Sorry for the shitty angle, and the shitty lighting ... it's a bit distorted because I am turning my head a bit. Maybe i'll get the boy to take a better picture later. The third cherry blossom will be a fading one, with petals dropping down my neck ... i think it will be beautiful.
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