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a brief summary of current events.

I think i'm just too tired to care anymore. Exhaustion, financial issues, and typical winter depression are making my life fun times.

Motorcycle isn't running. Leaky exhaust valve on cylinder #1. Waiting for Charles to have time to fix - I offered to tear down the heads myself, he vetoed that right off. So no bike. Not the worst thing in the world right now, he's working really close to home and it's raining cats and dogs anyway, so we get by with one vehicle.
There's nothing like taking off on a ride to nowhere to blow off steam, though ... one less outlet for all of my frustrations.

Motorcycle clubs are full of sexist assholes. I wish i wasn't a girl, but that's a cop-out. I really wish i wasn't seen as lesser or weaker simply because I was born lacking penis.

Tattoo business has pretty much come to a grinding halt - recession, slow season anyway - so we're living/buying for xmas/replacing motorcycle parts almost entirely off of my income. Doable - but tight. No room for fun stuff for me.

My aunt got me a huge bottle of Dior Addict "Shine" for xmas - a wonderful little luxury I haven't been able to buy for myself in months. Smelling delicious always makes me feel better about things.

I totally went lame for all the other cousins for xmas. Gift cards for everyone. Eight-year-olds don't appreciate knit gifts, and I don't have the energy to try and figure out the personalities of kids i see maybe twice a year. I do love my cousin Rori, though. She's three and just awesome - really independent and fun. She looked at me and asked why i have "a shiny lip thing". I told her that it was because I liked shiny things - she then declared that she wants a shiny lip thing for herself. He dad was less than thrilled. If i could guarantee a kid like that ... anyway, she was the only one I actually got a gift for, knowing she loves Hello Kitty as much as I do. Of course, I forgot her present and will have to deliver it sometime after xmas.

After Family Xmas yesterday the boy and I went to see The Changeling. Amazingly good movie, and I didn't ever before know about the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. Mira Loma has apparently always been a shitty place, but it used to have a better name.

Today is just another day to get through ... cleaning, dinner, maybe a movie tonight. They all run together right now. Charles just called from the shop, he's got a big Japanese Koi piece set up for today, so there's some good news.
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