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cheap ego boost

I can't stand this holiday, and even the chinese food places around here are closed. People have been asking what I'm doing for xmas, and my answer is always "absolutely nothing." Well, today I worked a few hours, cleaned a litterbox, and cleaned the hedgehog cage. None of this has to do with xmas.

At my work, they've done this little morale-boosting project where everyone was supposed to write something nice about everyone else and turn it in. Now, I'm an asshole I was far too busy to finish this, but a lot of people did. My supervisor handed me this card the other day.

I have to admit, it's cheesy, but it really did make me feel better about things. Even though my supervisor had to come into the e-room to give it to me, and I'm pretty sure "strong-willed" is a bit of a backahanded compliment.

Charles and I have been sniping at each other a lot lately. I think it's the confinement, and the tension over money. Makes me sad, i loves him.
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