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and a moment of rest ...

so i have a little time to relax ... don't have to go to work until six, nothing really big going on all day, i just have to clean my car. Been texting Christine back and forth this morning regarding nipple piercings. I'm thinking of napping, but I'm so short on sleep at this point that I'm afraid I won't wake up on time for work ... maybe some reading ... maybe some veg time with my dog ...

Took Flea out last night, after giving him some of his pain meds. he seemed happy to see people, even though he had to stay on my lap all night and not run around. He was pretty doped up with the medication, and he was asleep for quite a while in my lap. And I got to see people too ... I haven't gotten out a whole lot lately. Lots of talking time with Stephanie. yay.

We went to the neurologist this morning, and it went well. I'm really thankful to Gary Uyeno for referring me to this guy, he was way cool. We're going to wait a week, continue with the crating and steroids, and see how he does. If he's not looking any better or if he looks any worse, we'll do a myleogram, where we shoot up his spinal cord with dye and take pictures of it.

Alex will be out here tonight ... I'm rather happy about this, it will be interesting ... Steph and Michael will be taking care of him at TC until I get off work tonight, and then he's going to crash out at my house. And then wake up in the morning to go to Magic Mountain (I'm envisioning another night of not enough sleep here) and stand in the hot july sun all day ... i'm glad i have sunscreen. I don't even know how the fuck to get there ... guess i should find that out before I start driving ...

I really need to go clean out my car ... i don't wanna ... but it's so full of junk ...

I'm gonna be a basket case by tuesday ...

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