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Notes from today:

I have to remember that I cannot put my hair up in buns when it is still damp, as I end up with shirley temple hair. Cute on kids, not on Kasey.

Not pregnant.

The pit bull (Lyka!) I've been working with on her "food defensiveness" passed her behaviour test and is now adoptable. Woo hoo! So if anyone wants the best, sweetest, nicest lap-dog pit bull ever, her available date is 1/9. No, you cannot breed her.

I'm sure he didn't know it was the very last clean towel in the house, but charles dropped it into the dirty laundry this morning. I realized this as I was rushing to get out - no time to do laundry - so i got to dry with a dish towel. Fun. Cold.

I rule at new super mario brothers.

On my drive into Hemet today, I saw members of Anonymous, Guy Fawkes masks and all, protesting outside the creepy gigantic Scientology mansion in Gilman Hot Springs. I honked and waved.

Charles and I are supposed to go out to dinner tonight with a friend of his and his girlfriend. I don't know where or what time. I am so not ready.
Tags: animals, domesticity, work

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