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theives! in mi casa!

Today has been full of interesting.

I've got the cramps, and while looking for some pills to pop so that I can stand up w/o crying, discovered that one of my bottles of vicodin had been emptied and filled w/ similar looking ibuprofen from another bottle. This could have happened anytime over the last few months, even over the summer. We suspect one of the people Charles tattooed at the house made the switch.

I'm not so stingy over my pills, but I hate having things stolen from me ... and this just reinforces my dislike of having strangers in the house.

and now I don't have vicodin for my cramps. :(

Business has been going well for Charles lately, finally. There is talk of becoming management at the tattoo shop he is at, and this would be awesome. But right now, all talk. We'll see.

I'm bailing one of my friends out of jail tomorrow. There are only a few people in the world I would stick my neck out there like that for, but I will always feel that I owe Jesse my life ... when I was 18, he took the blame for something that was mine, and spent six months in jail for it. Without that, I would have a felony on my record - meaning no RVT license, no career with animals, no good government job. So yeah, I'll bail Jesse out of jail. I trust him.
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