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Hi, I'm Kasey, and I'm a Self Righteous Cunt.

Depending on who you ask, of course.

All who want to talk shit are welcome to say it to my face. At least I'm nice enough - no, respectful enough - to do that for you, right? Everything I ever have to say is all up front and public.

And as far as "trapping an old friend in the middle" or "starting shit in someone else's LJ", I did privately ask for, and did receive, carte blanche to say what I pleased to you. Many lolz were had. Do you see anyone sticking up for you? Hey, money is tight for me too, but I try to prioritize for the important things. That $50 - did you get the boots, the tattoo, or did you put it towards a plane ticket to go see one of your oldest friends?

Have fun being childish. If you have any balls, feel free to comment here. I'm sure Nico is too busy being Mother of the Year to jump in, but Charles, Lisa, care to take a break from the house-hunting (hah!) and pizza gorging to say something?

God, I have fun on my days off. Hope you all are too! :)
Tags: friends, fun

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