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and i am an angel ...

An angel appearance may not always be an angel on the inside ... watch out for these ....
Oh my gosh!! You're like, an Angel!! *simply stares
and gawks not at how amazing that is but at the
shiny thing above your head ...*

Are you an Angel or Demon?? (with pictures!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

on a random tangent, i was looking at my rings last night. all the rings i wear on a regular basis (i have some silly costume ones i wear every now and again, but i'm talking the ones that are always on my hands) except for my class ring were given to me. the white gold band on my right hand, ring finger was given to me by Brent as a "please don't leave me" ring. I left him and kept the ring. I should mention that next time i hang out with him.

My grandma gave me the black hills gold ring on the same hand, the year before she died.

my mother gave me the horse ring on my left middle finger ... i used to ride. My class ring has a horse on it also.

My aunt gave me the topaz ring on my left pinky. I really don't like topaz ... it's yellow ... but it's my birthstone, and my aunt gave it to me, so i wear it. It's a little too big, so I wear it under the other ring on that finger, a gold band.

there is a story behind the gold band. My dad's mom told me when I was little. quite unfortunately, everyone that knows the story is now dead and I can't remember the details. It was the wedding ring of either her mother or her grandmother. Now, my dad's mom would never, ever have let me have this ring. She hated me. But when she died, i got the jewelry. And whoever's wedding ring this was, they had damn tiny hands. I do feel odd sometimes, wearing someone else's wedding ring.

don't really know why i'm writing about my rings, i just got to thinking about them ... now back to washing the car.

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