kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

cats and their mad skillz

Why are the cats so good with computers? Dizzy and Troubleina can do things with one paw on the keyboard that I'd never be able to figure out on my own ... and i certainly can't figure out how to undo them.

Somehow, Trouble has made it so that i can no longer scroll with the arrow keys or the page up/down keys. Makes viewing text-heavy sites a pain in the ass. Anyone know how to fix this?

i've been home sick for three days now and am so bored. Nothing better to do than chores and cause trouble online. Tonight I'm going to pretend i'm fine (i am feeling a lot better actually) and go out with some friends. There was a stripper at the tattoo shop last night, and I wasn't allowed to come because I was sick. Boo. I was a little pissy over that.

Supposedly Charles is drawing up my half-sleeve today. I'll beleive it when i see it. A maneki-neko, with coins and cherry blossoms for my left arm. I'm really looking forward to getting a large piece done.

also, my most favoritist pit bull in the world, Lyka, was adopted yesterday. My friend Mary, an adoption counselor who also put a lot of work into her, was awesome enough to txt me and send me pics of the couple she went home with. Some things make working at the shelter so worth it!
Tags: animals, tattoo, work

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